Deepmills Hand-Crafted Belgian Chocolate Bars

batches on a regular basis so we can guarantee the chocolate to have a special fresh taste.

Here are a list of some of the chocolate bars we do:

White Chocolate

Lemon chocolate with freshly grated lemon zest

Mint chocolate with raspberries

Lavender chocolate with thyme

Milk Chocolate

Cherries and roasted buttered almonds


Toated coconut

Dark Chocolate (53.8%)

Ginger chocolate

Coffee Crunch

Lime chocolate and chilli

Dark Chocolate (70.4%)

Dark chocolate bar

Szechuan peppercorn and smoked sea salt

Also, especially out for Christmas we have our seasonal Deepmills Christmas Bars in dark and milk chocolate. These have proved to be very popular with our customers at this special time of year.

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