New coffees on order.


Bolivian washed EXTRA 12.03.2013


Malawi AB Plus Pamwamba.


Java Ijen Estate 10.08.2012


Ethiopian Sidamo 2 10.08.2012


Kenyan ‘Kandara’ Estate 11.06.2012.


Cuban ‘Altura Lavado’ 11.06.2012.


Costa Rican ‘Mecedes’ HB. 11.06.2012.

Costa Rica ‘Aquiares’ Estate 06.05.2011 ROASTED


Cuban ‘Serrano’ Superior Cup 22.06.2011 ROASTED


Monsoon ‘Elephant Brand’ 22.06.2011 ROASTED


Ethiopian washed ‘Sidamo’ Grade 2.  28.07.2011 ROASTED!


Colombian Villegas exportadores ‘Popayan’ Excelso Superior 28.07.2011 ROASTED!


Tanzanian ‘Tembo Estate’ 19.09.2011 ROASTED!


El Salvador SHG Rainforest Alliance 19.09.2011 ROASTED!


Guatemalan SHG 28.10.2011 ROASTED!


Mexican Altura Topacio 16.11.2011. ROASTED!


Peruvian ‘Yanesa’  30.12.2011 ROASTED!


Ethiopean Yirgacheffe 30.12.2011 ROASTED!


Colombian Hulia Supremo 21.02.2012 ROASTED!


Java Blawan Estate 24.03.2012.ROASTED!


Costa Rican HB 24.03.2012.ROASTED!


Ethiopian Djimmah FT/O 24.03.2012 ROASTED!


Dominican Republic Barahona 27.05.2012 ROASTED!


Central Americas Decaffeinated CO2. 27.05.2012 ROASTED!



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Overall rating


Overall rating