We just love fresh roasted coffee! Please contact us for roasting details

by E-mail or call the Roastery on 0754 99 99 481.

Please note-coffee offerings are always changing.
All coffee is sold in sealed bags with valve,hand packed to preserve freshness.

We roast every week to deliver only the best coffee!

Bolivian Nakahaki EP                                Blends ‘Three Continents’

Rwandan Inzovu AA                                                ‘Safari’ Blend

Colombian Superior                                                ‘Black Tie’ Blend

Nicaraguan Micro-lot                                             ‘Workshop’ Seasonal

Ethiopian Sidamo                                                     ‘Continental Dark’

Costa Rican                                                                    ‘Blue Mountain’

Brazilian Santos

Centrals Decaf. water process.

Indo – Trojan Kalossi

Brazilian Sweet Yellow

Cuban Lavado

Old Brown Java

Monsoon Malabar AA

Guatemalan Fraijanes

Sumatran Mandheling