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Dark roasted coffee versus strong?

The bane of the life of a ‘coffee roaster’ is explaining the difference

between dark roast coffee and strong coffee. Darker coffee roasted to

a higher temperature, does not mean a stronger coffee in fact it is often

the reverse! As the coffee bean is taken to a higher temperature the

essential oils are driven off which also includes the caffeine content!

Stronger coffee is achieved by the wetted surface of the bean i.e.

a finer ground coffee will produce a stronger coffee. This is

taken to the ultimate with very fine ground Turkish coffee!

A general rule of thumb is more coffee used makes stronger

coffee – it’s that simple

A taste for higher roasted coffee should only be a matter of taste

and not strength!

The roaster produces an Dark profile coffee as an after dinner

coffee, to be drunk in the evening, this will generally have

less caffeine in and can be enjoyed at this time of day!

High Caffeine coffees that are ‘Arabica’ would be medium

roasted to preserve the caffeine content, possibly made

as a slow drip coffee!

One note of caution Lowland coffee ‘Robusta’ has more

caffeine than High grown ‘Arabica’

Jonathan – Coffee roaster

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